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  • Great information and Feedback

    19 November at 09:29 from atlas

    I just wanted to share some amazing feedback and info we received over the weekend see below

    Also - to say thanks to our existing clients and to Welcome New clients - we are offering a limited number of Book and Pre-Pay packages - Which will be amazing leading up to Christmas.

    Based on weekly/fortnightly cleaning packages only - spaces are limited and open to Existing and New cleans T&C apply



    If for some reason you want to cancel the cleaning, you only need to pay for the cleans you received 

    We will invoice you at the time of booking - your free cleans will show at the end.

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    Phone or Text 022 0490 159

    Or PM us and we will get back to you.

    Client feedback we got over the weekend xx

    Hi, I am happy for you to share my message. Can you please make it anonymous? But I think people need to understand how serious this matter is. Thank you for sharing your post on FB last week. I wish I had known this a year ago

    Hi Dream Team. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your post on employing a cash paid cleaner. I had the unthinkable happen and I wanted to share my story with you.
    I've had a few cleaners over the years, they come and they go and I was always searching for a good cleaner. I had a situation last year that has rocked my family to its core. Our long-term cleaner left and I advertised on FB for a new one. I found someone that seemed great she was cheap only $25ph and said she had been cleaning for years. The first few months were ok but then I got home to find a huge bleach mark on our new carpet. I called the cleaner and asked her what had happened? She said I don't know. Anyhow, I got really upset because it had destroyed our new carpet. We ended up having more than a few words and I told her not to come back.
    The next day I got an employment advocate letter telling me that I had sacked her illegally and the employee wanted compensation for unfair dismal. That we had not employed her with a contract, and we owe her holiday pay etc etc etc. In total, we were looking at around 7k she wanted as compensation.
    Long story short it ended up costing me 6k and insurance excess to get the carpet replaced, plus we needed to pay the tax on her income as we didn't take it out when we paid her - but it could have been a lot worse.
    Please keep sharing your great advice and thanks for cleaning my house every week. I can't live without a cleaner, and I will never employ a cash paid cleaner again. Love you ladies!

    Samantha Bayview
    Hi Team
    Hey just wanted to say thanks for the one-off clean you did last week. There was no judgment there was no making me feel bad. The cleaners you sent were so friendly and so happy. I have been working long hours I am a single mum and my sons' room had got out of control. We were fighting every night about it and to be honest I can't fight any longer with him about tiding his room. I didn't have the energy to do it. A friend referred you to me. Thank goodness. Anyhow my whole house is now tidy things put away, clothing folded and put in draws, clutter decluttered, and my sons' room is totally sorted out as is the rest of the house. I have now told him I need it to say this way. He is so happy, I am so happy, we didn't fight over the weekend about his mess. My whole house is tidy, and I am so thankful. It was money well spent. Thanks for the nonjudgement and thanks for sorting my head out I can now go home to a tidy clean house and my head is clear.


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